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11-24-2012, 12:36 PM
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AP just doesn't appear like an NHL player. You've gotta have some bite if you want to play in the NHL at his size. Being 5'8 is fine if you're built like a truck and play with a bite that scares people.

Barely saw him play at all last year and his production was impressive. But like I said, regardless of how he produces, he doesn't have the look of a player that will play in the NHL.

These types of "developments" are normal and expected. My pet peeve here is the people that say "I'm disappointed" or "worried" about certain low-chance prospects. It's just a casual annoyance for me but this stuff is normal, it's survival of the fittest, a prospect may thrive one year but then may see more competition come in, get discouraged, and fall off the map. The team will tell you they love certain late round prospects because those words give those low-chance prospects what they need most, motivation. But once that wears off it's the ones that can motivate themselves when the going gets tough that thrive. That's why you probably won't have to worry about a guy like Borowiecki because he'll die trying to get to the league. If he's not impressing you at the AHL level it may not be a huge deal, he's penciled in to be ready to tryout for the big club...nothing really matters with him until it's on NHL ice.

We want the best coming forward, we want them to separate from the pack, we don't want a plethora of dime a dozen players. Prospects failing and others prospering is the nature of the game.

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