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Originally Posted by 11Alfredsson View Post
He probably has one of the fastest acceleration but top end speed I don't think so
Ya Colin Greening probably has faster top end speed on a consistent basis.

See how meaningless top end speed is though. When people talk about fastest players I think they do so imagining being fast is something important. Which makes me think being fast in hockey is being quick.

I'm not sure anyone scampers in any direction in a flash quite like Karlsson does, and above all else, it's what makes him the dangerous player he is. And the other thing, he pretty much moves faster when he has the puck...which is a pretty rare and special quality. You can see this by watching him, but I also saw this noted in a McKeen's report on him and in Dorion's report on him that he shared with the Sun.

I've seen Karlsson leave Gaborik in the dust while EK was skating the puck. Speed that matters. Gaborik would have forced pretty much any other Dman in the league to toss it off the boards...with Erik, he probably either made a pass into the zone or he brought it in himself. His ability to keep the puck on his sstick is the reason for all those secondary assists that people say are lucky.

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