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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Bottom line is that Jiri Holecek's domestic career was not accurately presented for consideration by the panel..
The only thing inaccurate was the "information" from chidlovski's site which was quickly refuted.

What's a more productive use of time? Searching for information and posting it to see if it stands up to scrutiny? Or comparing the World Championships to the Harlem Globetrotters?

Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Provide substance to the Zlata Hokejka.

Criteria, voters, transperency of the process, counter-balancing factors, such as ASTs, Best Defenseman, Best Forward and other awards/honours in the Czechoslovakian domestic leageu that will provide a more complete picture. Significant considerations would be the number of voters, who they were, the timing of the voting, nature of the ballot, weight of each ballot or slot on the ballot.
The domestic All Star Teams were presented upthread - Holecek was named the All-Star or Best Goalie in the Extraliga 7 of 8 years as determined by TIP magazine. You quoted that post earlier to criticize other parts of it, so I'm sure you saw it.

TheoKritos posted the point totals for the Golden Stick for all goalies down to about 20th place (and I reposted them in the same post where I posted the All-Star/best goalie awards), so there obviously were a fairly significant number of voters. Considering that the Golden Stick was an official award, I would imagine the voters were "experts" of some sort.

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