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11-24-2012, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Are you suggesting that the revenue disparity is the reason teams may need to relocate? How did they get into that mess?

Who is to be held accountable?

They're in the mess solely because players made 54-57% of HRR, right?
Don't be ridiculous. I have always said that increased revenue sharing would be a necessary part of any agreement, so no the mess that is the median and NHL teams' business is not due solely because the players make 54%-57% of HRR, but it is a very large part of the problem. You allude to that later in your post when you make my point by saying that some teams have payrolls that are only 30% of their revenue. Which teams are those? The ones that make a profit.

Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Yet the promise of that TV contract (which is 11 yrs away now) is why we justify the antics of the NHL today.
The antics of the NHL? LOL!! The owners are simply using the only tool to gain some leverage that they have at their disposal. Why? The past antics of Donald Fehr.

Regarding the TV contract, it is obvious that the NHL is a niche sport in the U.S., and the players should be paid a percentage of revenue that reflects that fact.

Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Some teams pay 30% of their revenues to players; and others are approaching 100%. So again-- fix THAT problem.
The owners have already agreed to increased revenue sharing. They obviously don't believe that will entirely cover the problem. Most businesses will either cut wages or lay employees off in a situation like this. Since the owners can't lay players off their only option is to cut their wages.

Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Any business cannot be guaranteed a profit in spite of everything they do.

The owners who are not operating at a loss would receive a massive windfall gained through extortion via a lockout, sanctioned cartel behavior since the players foolishly continue to remain unionized.
Not if the players insisted on greater revenue sharing, which if they are interested in keeping as many union jobs as possible, should be their main issue. Fehr seems to have bailed on that idea some time ago.

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