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Originally Posted by robla View Post
and what? even if the ticket prices have been increased by 140% .. it's still a huge way behind the fixed costs increase by players salaries.. and further disturbing: ticket revenues are not fixed per team.. a bad year and they are down.
everyone knows that the NHL is a gate revenue league.. it doesn't have the huge tv contracts like NFL and MLB.. and never will since it's a niche sport in the US.. it has to generate most of its revenues from ticket sales.. these numbers show that the NHL business isn't working with high player salaries or even worse increasing salaries.. but heck, the players keep on dreaming/living in wonder land.. fighting their employer.. till they ruined their employer's business.. they will cry wolf when there's no league left to pay their high salaires :-) looks like this day will come sooner than later...
I believe that the net of the TV contracts has a lot to do with the change of net salary in relation to average ticket price. In the same time period, the league went from near zero to well above $500mil if you include RSN income. There is also an emphasis on luxury boxes as well. The league is getting a second income stream even if it doesn't match NBA, MLB or NFL. It isn't nothing and it is growing . . . a lot.

Someone had the net revenue of the league from the early 90s. It would probably help if it were posted here so we could have the comparison.

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