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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
No, no, Lalime was alright, he just had that one bad game.
It wasn't just the one bad game. He was weak all series and constantly put the team in a hole. He allowed the first goal every game, usually in in the early-mid 1st period. He gave up 2 goals in three games where he only faced 17, 17 and 16 shots. How is that an acceptable goaltending performance in the lowest scoring season in 60 years?

Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
But the thing with Alfredsson and Ottawa was that they didn't just have one choke job, they had a lot that you could look back and say "they COULD have won that series".
They lost to 4 lower seeds and beat 4 higher seeds in club history.
Two of the losses were to massive underdogs while many of major Sens players were 23yo or under. The other two were to teams close in the standings.

Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Eventually it starts getting to how we look at the current San Jose sharks. It would have surprised no one had the Sharks made a Cup final or won a Cup, but they didn't and eventually all of those upsets have got to start falling on their best players which is why Thornton gets the flack he gets.
Look at what Washington did in the past 5-6 years and compare that to every choke that you think that you see from Ottawa.

Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Alfredsson has very little to offset those poor performances with, just 2007.
Alfredsson: 13 postseasons
1.0+ PPG = 5
0.5+ GPG = 5
Total of either = 7

Sundin: 10 postseasons
1.0+ PPG = 4
0.5+ GPG = 4
Total of either = 5

Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
I had a couple responses over this so I'll just do a new thread here to answer them.

2001 - 1 point in a sweep against a lower seed team
2002 - did his part, but no points in Game 7 vs. Toronto
2003 - 8 points in 18 games. Had 1 assist in the 7 game series against New Jersey in the semis. Shut out in Game 7 again
2004 - 3 points in 7 games vs. Toronto at a time when he was as good as he was going to be. Shut out in Game 5, 6, 7
2006 - Alright and all, but was better than any Sabre and wasn't a difference maker on an Ottawa team many felt should have won
2007 - The first time we saw a possessed Alfredsson in the postseason. Let's not forget just how unusual that was.
22 goals in his first 44 playoff games and a PPG for the past 42.

2001- young team choked, within the period where Alfie regularly had major injuries (yet played every playoff game anyways)
2002 - posted 7-4-3-7 against the Leafs.
2003 & 2004 - previous seasons involved young'uns contributing virtually nothing to Alfie's performances, all while pressure was mounting to succeed. Alfie's literal choke's; he tried to do everything himself and accomplished very little.
2006- Hasek got hurt and Emery posted an .864 SV% against Buffalo and allowed 3 OT goals on 4 OT shots.

2008- Ottawa had amongst the worst goaltending in the league after mid-Nov. (and for 3 full seasons afterwards).

Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Post 2007 it is all first round knockouts and pre-2001 it was all first round knockouts as well other than 1998. And let's not sugar coat it, the Sens had some very good teams many a season no one would be surprised if they won it.
Teams have peaks and valleys.
Ottawa was bottom feeder emerging.
They brokeout and choked as a very young team.
The had a 5-6 span where they improved in the postseason and hit some nice peaks, but were also impacted by 3 awful goaltending performances and a lockout.
Then they declined.

Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Throw in the fact that he was a late bloomer who never really had a season where you'd consider him close to the elite until he was 30. There are some nice points about him and there are some knocks on him too. Very borderline.
He missed games and that obscures some of his peak.

From 2000-2010, his NHL PPG ranks:
3rd, 4th, 9th, 14th, 15th, 15th, 16th, 23rd, 25th, 29th
Plus, getting Selke votes in at least 6 of those seasons + other accomplishments
... Top-10 forward performance from the decade?

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