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Originally Posted by Pierre Dagenais View Post
Ok. So your uncertainty or possibility that Eller is better than Desharnais both offensively and defensively is based on.. what?

Just a hunch?
Based on the fact that I actually watched every game we played last year. Eller is already a better scorer, and while Desharnais is a fantastic playmaker, I think that Eller's playmaking or vision was never fully exploited due to the scrubs he had to play with. When he played with Andrei K, they did very well against decent opposition.

Add to that the fact that Eller is still a few (2-3) years younger than DD, so I think he's got more room to grow his game, both offensively and defensively. In my mind, there's a chance he's already better offensively than DD. I wouldn't put money on it, but there's a chance.

In the long run, though, I do think Eller turns into the more useful forward of the two.

Not sure why the thought that Eller might be better offensively than DD rustles your jimmies so bad.

I'm not one of those that has to put one down to elevate the other. I love DD's passing game and I think he's so smart that he can adjust to eventually playing wing on the top 2 lines.

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