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Originally Posted by StrappingYoungChad View Post
Wow. Talk about harsh.

Personally, I think it's pretty evident that Button knows what he's talking about.

Here is a guy who travels to watch hockey so he can bring scouting reports to you for a living.

When he evaluates a player, I guarantee his evaluations are based on relatively orthodox methods (although there is surely variation from scout to scout within details of what's looked for) commonly utilized by scouts everywhere.

You don't become an NHL GM or a scout by being a "windbag".

What you're really saying to everyone is your judgements based upon what you read on HF Boards or by watching the players years down the roads and looking back at how "wrong" he was (unfortunately, scouts don't have the privilege of gazing into a crystal ball) is a much more trustworthy method of evaluation than anything Button offers.
Craig Button puts out some brutal scouting lists. Look at his 2012 final list

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