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11-24-2012, 02:54 PM
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The NBA has had contract term limits for a while. At least 3 CBAs. The players association has drawn the line on free agency and salary arbitration. The NHLPA proposal didn't mention anything about term limits or contract structure. The reports from Pierre LeBrun,Elliotte Friedman and Larry Brooks have indicated the PA is willing to negotiate restrictions on contract term/structure. Maybe they will discuss it when the NHL indicates they will back off free agency and arbitration rights. The PA offer dealt with back diving contracts nine years or longer when the player retires before the SPC expires. They proposed it for new SPCs and not existing SPCs which is what the NHL wants.

Note that the NHLPA is proposing these measures only for contracts of at least nine years in duration that are signed under the new CBA (so existing contracts would be "grandfathered" and not subject to the new rules).

What the players offered was a rule that would require teams to take any "cap benefit" gained and charge it against their own cap. (There is also an option for clubs to spread it over twice the number of remaining seasons in the offending contract. So, if the player retires with two years left, the proposal allows the team to apply the penalty over four.)

The NHL embraced that proposal with modifications

embraced Union's Cap Advantage Recapture concept subject to several minor modifications and application to existing long-term contracts
The NHL backed off their 5% but they still want 5 years MAX

suggested willingness to be flexible of 5% contract variability proposal but maintained request for 5 year term limits on contracts.

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