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11-24-2012, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Bring Back Scuderi View Post
It takes a certain kind of conspiracy theory to believe Crosby would really try to draw a penalty with incidental contact behind the play or by spraining his ankle as it takes all of his body's weight slamming into the end boards.
All I will say is that he was careless on that play and he does that fall down too often. Not saying he is necessarily diving (many have though) but it cost him an Art Ross.

Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
Other than a freak concussion, Crosby only missed a significant amount of games once.

I doubt that anyone is going to have Crosby ahead of Trottier on an all time list if they've put thought into it, but asking who is better is different. Injuries can impact how valuable you are, but it doesn't really change how good you are unless the injuries are clearly the fault of the player.
He played 53 games in 2008. 41 games in 2011. 22 games in 2012. I hate saying this because I am a big Crosby booster but he's missed a lot of time, bordering on Lindrosesque

Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
So now he's being penalized for lockouts too?

The OP asked who is the best player. Not who has the nicest trophy case, who had the most productive career, who stays the healthiest. Simply, put these two players on the ice (against their peers, we assume) and which is the better player of the game of hockey?

We wouldn't say Larry Murphy was a better player than Bobby Orr, right? Mario Lemieux was clearly a better player than Dave Andreychuk, right? The same logic applies here. Crosby might miss a lot of games, but that doesn't have any bearing on how good a player he is.
No, not penalized but if we can agree we may not have seen Crosby's best then he is doing nothing to show us otherwise. Look at the poll results, it isn't insane to say Trottier was better at his best than Crosby was. I mean, once Gretzky came into the NHL you can argue that he was the only one still better than Trottier for a while.

What we have seen from Crosby makes it very controversial to say he was better than Trottier. You can't penalize him for being in a clueless league (although if there is any voice that can help solve this thing its him) but if there is no hockey there is no chance for him to show what he can do in the best league in the world. Albeit, you aren't penalizing him as much as NOT rewarding him for missed time.

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