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Originally Posted by Hockey Outsider View Post
- Surprised Bossy isn't in the top 100 (especially since Trottier is on the list three times) - maybe he relied more on the PP than I thought.

- Also surprising that there are only 18 seasons from the 1980s (10 of which are Gretzky), compared to 48 from the 1990s, 24 from the 2000s and 8 from the 2010s (in three seasons). There are also two seasons from seventies, both Trottier's, but I assume your data only goes back to 1978 or so. It seems weighted really heavily on the 1990s and (on a per-season basis) the 2010s?

- Total adjusted ES points from Gretzky in his best ten seasons: 1,379. Total adjusted ES points from everyone else in their ten best seasons: 1,236!
Because Bossy's career ended much earlier than Trottier's, I didn't have his full ES point data (only ESG). Assuming the same % of total for ES assists as ES goals, his '82 & '84 seasons would adjust to ~110 adj. points, with 4 other seasons in the mid-high 80s in adj. points.

The same issue with the 80s vs. later years. I know there is a more comprehensive ES point database, but it wasn't readily available at the time I calculated these numbers.

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