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Originally Posted by awfulwaffle View Post
It pisses me off that professional sports stars feel they are entitled to something. Yes, they work hard, they go to the weight room, attack the tee(baseball analogy) regularly, and work on their fundamentals, but they make 6 figures minimum while we struggle to go to a live game. I know there are people that don't struggle to go to a game, but I do. I can't go to every game. If I could, I would buy season tickets.

I'm making life work with a paycheck, and that works for me. These guys want even more money than atleast 5x than what I make. If they aren't happy in the NHL, then go find something else. Same could be said for me, that's why I keep looking for another job. But NHL is a hobby, and I live 15 minutes from jobing, and I would prefer they keep playing so I can go to a game when I have the opportunity.

My biggest complaint is the players waited to start negotiating, while the NHL was ready all along. Betman is not the problem, it's Fehr and the players.
To be fair to the players and the NHLPA here, it is quite known that the NHL didn't want to have the CBA talks overshadow the playoffs. There was plenty of time even before the start of last season to get the talks going and both sides failed to do so then.

Originally Posted by MP View Post
We might have seen this coming when the PA fired Paul Kelley(?) to bring in an aggressive guy like Fehr. When you go to the pound and adopt the biggest, meanest, mouth-frothiest rotty you can find, it's not because you want to take it to the dog park to make friends. It's because you want to watch it teach the yorkiepoo next door not to **** on your lawn.
This is the thing that many of those who are pro-business and automically side with the business fail to get. The players didn't want someone who is going to cave into everything the owners want but to put up a big fight for what they want instead while sending a message to the owners to not **** with us.

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