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I watched Lawless recently. Plot-wise, it was very thin, full of inconsistencies, and a bit all over the place without any central direction. But man, Tom Hardy is a special actor. There's a Brando-like quality to him, magnetic and full of intensity. He's bound to win an Oscar one day.

Originally Posted by Stu Macher View Post
She's knocked a few very tough roles out, and has shown the ability to ground things beyond most performers of her age; for example, The Hunger Games, where she brought a level of gravitas to something that could have been just an exercise in money making.
I may have been one of the few people who went to see The Hunger Games not because it was based on a popular series of novels (have yet to read them) or for the action, but for Jennifer Lawrence. She's just simply incredible. Naturally gifted, young, and beautiful. I'd really like to see her work alongside some of the top directors. Maybe David Fincher.

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