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11-24-2012, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by nullterm View Post
If you think he's getting discouraged, get him laughing and giggling on the ice. Don't worry about balance, skill, etc. If you can get him to laugh, then it's alot easier to avoid getting discouraged.

My kid got discouraged a couple sessions from harmless falls, then it got difficult just to try and go skating, even though we were trying to keep it fun. Ended up just pulling him on a sled most of the time.

I figured out that mine likes to bump me with the walker, see me take a tumble, then he will make himself tumble too. He's giggling himself silly on the ice at that point.
Yeah that's what I'm gonig to do today. We're going to go buy a helmet and go skating.

Originally Posted by octopi View Post
At that age, don't they have the supportive braced skates? Because that seems to be all I can see for the really little ones.

Wondering how long until I can get skates for my niece. She's 5 weeks old and when I saw her, her feet were the size of my thumb.

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