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05-24-2006, 08:06 PM
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The main difference is that Andre Savard didn't build the Edmonton Oilers. Savard is great at recongizing talent but he doesn't know how to build a Stanley Cup winner.

As a result, Montreal is predominantly made up of Europeans who can't wait to go back home as soon as the regular season is done while Edmonton isn't. Edmonton has enough North American and esp. Canadian players who grew up dreaming of one day hoisting the Cup while most of Montreal players wonder why they should sacrifice their bodies for a meaningless Cup when they are not even getting paid for it.

True, there are Koivus who were born on the other side of the pond yet will go through walls to win while Ribeiros of the world are pathetically soft even though born in Canada.

However, it's undeniable that there are different motivations based on their place of origin. It's just understanding human nature and their motivations.

The Edmonton team, at least on paper isn't that much more or less talented than the Montreal team.

The difference is in their desire to win at ALL COST which Montreal was SORELY lacking. It's the attitude that is effervacing up and down their roster from Kevin Lowe down to the water boy.

I mean even Sergei Sampsonov has bought into blocking shots!! We're not talking about Pisani or Staios or Moreau or Horcoff or Peca or etc.... We're talking about a skilled little 5'8" guy from Russia who has never once blocked a shot in his life in Boston.

Montreal has to get rid of guys who don't care about the Cup and surround the star players with the attitude of winning the Cup at all cost until they too buy into it.

Only then, will CH contend for the Cup and not meekly disappear as soon as going gets tough as they did this year.

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