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11-24-2012, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
I hear ya - definitely want to see them keep up their level of play against Portland tomorrow.

By the same token I wouldn't get too down about that GS loss. The west coast trip is always a bear and after winning the first game and then going toe to toe agains the Lakers (not to mention the refs) in a game decided on the last play, playing GSW the next night was a really, really difficult situation.

On Lopez: I'd love to see a few more boards per game, but other than that, he's been phenomenal. I honestly think they could run the offense through him even more. As to the boards, I wonder if his numbers aren't impacted by having Crash, Hump and Evans on the same team - only so many to go around and especially with Lopez helping so much on D, it's likely that they're getting some boards that would otherwise go to him. (Although I'd like to see him be just a tad more agressive pursuing them regardless.)

The reason why I wanted that GS and LAL game so bad is because it is those games that I've been used to seeing them lose for the past 5 years, and I want to see them win those ones.

One thing I cannot stand. AVERY JOHNSON. He really needs to be fired. Throughout the games, he has tons of very questionable coaching decisions. If you go on RealGM on the Brooklyn Nets forum (I recommend if you're a big fan) everybody rips on him, and deservedly so. There is no reason why D-Will should be playing SG. You're talking away a huge part of his game that makes him dominant. He is MUCH better when he has the ball in his hands and can facilitate the offense. His subsititutions are also very questionable. MarShon Brooks should be playing instead of old many Jerry. Stack had one good game, and Avery continues to ride him. We should never have a line up of Watson-Stackhouse-Bogans on the floor. No offense at all and thats where we get stagnant.

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