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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
Right...well, what I said was in context of domestic achievements...the depth matters if Holecek wins awards against scrubs...
I certainly don't think Dzurilla was a scrub. Anyway, I think it's pretty clear that for whatever reason, Czechoslovakia was the best country in Europe at producing goalies. The USSR had Tretiak. CSSR always had a standout internationally, whether it be Dzurilla, Holecek, Kralik, or Hasek. They also had solid depth goalies like Crha, who was shown to have proved to be NHL calibre in his early 30s.

If the depth of the league and the competition for awards didn't matter, wouldn't Hugh Lehman have already been put up on the big board?
Of course it matters. If CSSR wasn't closer to the USSR than they were to the pack, I wouldn't think we should hold their players in nearly as high a regard.

And again, it's not just domestic. On the bigger stage of the World Chanpionships, Holecek was awarded Best Goalie by the Directorate or All-Star by the media 6 times out of 8 tries (he was awarded both 4 times). And this was usually over Tretiak.

I've been away for the past few days so I have some catching up to do in reading here I admit...but Holecek didn't strike me as particularly good, I watched a team literally add a defenseman to help protect him, and now some issues with his domestic achievements have arisen it seems...this isn't looking so hot...
CSSR played the Left Wing Lock, a defensive system, but a less defensive system than the traps that Martin Brodeur and Clint Benedict usually played behind, and probably less defensive than the version of the trap Dryden played behind. Turk Broda, Bernie Parent, and Johnny Bower all had most of their success playing for defensive teams.

Edit: I realize that Holecek is something of a wild card this round,* but I don't think "he played behind a defensive system," is a reason to vote against him, unless you are going to similarly punish guys like Bower, not to mention Brodeur. I think that the style of his team was already taken into account by the people who watched him play when they voted on awards.

*though for me, Bill Durnan is just as much of a wild card

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