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Originally Posted by od71 View Post
Take 3 top NHL players of the last season. About Malkin we have already talked. Giroux, yes, can be good in the K, he can adjust, I see it. But I doubt about Stamkos. He is not as complete player as Giroux. I wish I'm wrong about Stamkos. He is a NHL star.
I agree with your general point. I don't get why many posters are so quick to dismiss anything outside of the NHL. I also find the whole "Well... they were on vacation" doublestandard when it comes to a proven NHL player failing to impress in Europe/Russia pretty weak. With that being said though I am pretty confident Stamkos is a guy who at this point in his career would be very productive in any league you could stick him in. Not sure how you would define Stamkos 'not being good' ('not good' as in only finishing 2nd in KHL goal scoring, 'not good' as in Evander Kane, or somewhere in between?) but I think your arguement would be better served without that part.

Originally Posted by legendinblue View Post
Good point. The EPL would get 43m in total attendance assuming 82 games and 30 teams.
In the unlikely scenerio that each team (to say nothing of the 10 additional teams), with twice as many home games, would maintain the same average attendance... Sure.

Originally Posted by sky04 View Post
lol how do you explain his horrible 2010-11 performance then? Ovy outclassed him in every way, especially in the playoffs where backstrom looked liked he couldn't give a **** on the ice. 2 points in 9 games where it counts the most is the caps best player? Please.
Not that it takes away from your point but wasn't Backstrom broken the latter half of the 2010-11 season?

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