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11-24-2012, 07:56 PM
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Originally Posted by oilsp1ll View Post
Huh? I'm just saying it's first of all not a guarantee at all that he makes it in the first place, not even close, probably 50% chance. And second of all you're not going to be seeing his legit everyday impact in the league if he does happen to make it until towards the end of this decade. It's the nature of all prospects. To proclaim yourself a "winner" months after the draft is a fools exercise for a fan of any team. That's all I'm saying.
Then the players I've listed are not "winners" yet. See how foolish that is? Just because a player is young, and is comparable (in your opinion) to players in the past that haven't panned out is flat out crazy.

How about I say, Yakupov won't be a safe pick until he becomes an NHL regular, which there is a chance will never happen. He's not a winner at all. Nail Yakupov is like Patrik Stefan, both first overall picks who will never be as "great" as they were once projected to be.

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