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11-24-2012, 08:55 PM
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Ok a couple of things.

Lawrence in Hunger Games= by far the best thing about the movie. Absolutely amazing. The first thirty minutes, director error. It's almost like director tried to down play how cold the character actually is. Katniss is the ultimate survivor, and will do anything to survive. Including screwing with peeta.

Bale: deserved the Oscar in best supporting actor. He was amazing at that role, and I thought that Hawkes was nominated for best actor in a lead role. Correct me I I'm wrong.

I think Christian bale is definitely underrated as Ana actor. Alot of the roles he has taken(equilibrium, American psycho, the machinist, the fighter) he has embraced the role and made it believable. Obviously some of his roles are better then others. I personally think he makes a great Batman, but I've heard that alot of people don't like him.

On Anthony Hopkins. He's a great actor. Absolutely amazing...but there's absolutely no way that Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs can be considered a lead role. He's in the movie for like forty five minutes. Supporting yes.

Mia W. sorry, I can't spell her last name and I won't embarrass myself by trying. Absolutely love her. One of those girls that's good in everything.

There was alot wrong with Lawless, but the acting wasn't part of it. Tom Hardy and Guy Pearce were incredible. Jessica Chastain was pretty awesome as well.

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