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11-24-2012, 09:10 PM
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As a beer league goalie, I tell my players they never have to block a shot. Most of the guys in our league can crank it pretty hard and I'm the one with the big pads, so I don't begrudge anyone who doesn't want to get hit.

For the ones who do, I only really ask 2 things. First, be within a stick's length of the puck if you're going to try for a block. That way if it does just tick off of them and still comes at me it's a lot easier if it happens quick, rather than when the shot is already halfway to me. Also prevents players from "reaching", which just results in tips. Second, please try not to "flamingo". You know, lifting one leg like those crazy pink birds do. If you're in the lane and the puck is shot, I'm counting on it going around you if it's coming at all, not through you.

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