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11-24-2012, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Abbotsford Heat View Post
you need to look closer how things are worded. The guy made a point to say they haven't had someone break through lately.

Helm was drafted 7 years ago with a career high of 32 points. That is not exactly lately.

I am guessing 'Abby' is Abdelkader, who was also drafted 7 years ago with a career high of 22 points. Again not exactly lately.
  • Smith looks like an excellent prospect, but with 14 games he has not 'broken through'.
  • Nyquist looks like a good prospect, but 18 games he has not 'broken through'.
  • Filppula was drafted 10 years ago, definitely not a recent break through player.
  • Kronwall was drafted 12 years ago, also not a recent break through.
  • Franzen was drafted 8 years ago as a 25 year old. Not a recent break through.
  • Howard was drafted 9 years ago, again not a recent break through.

The fact you can't list a player drafted less than 7 years ago that actually has an NHL season under their belt does nothing but prove his point.
Pretty common knowledge that if you get drafted by Detroit you wont make the roster for at least three years, and probably closer to five.

So his point... Failed.

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