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^ My favorite part was that he would be very surprised if it doesn't get nominated. It doesn't deserve it. Marvel hasn't made a movie thus far that even belongs in the same sentence as Best Picture.

Originally Posted by SB164 View Post
There was a great moment early on the film when her character pleads to take the place of the little sister. You can sense the mix of courage and fear in her trembling voice.

I think she seriously outshone everyone else in that movie because her performance seemed so grounded in reality. Talent-wise, the actors who played Gale and Peeta aren't even in the same stratosphere as Jennifer Lawrence. Wes Bentley and the overrated Elizabeth Banks seemed a bit too gimicky (the latter more so). Donald Sutherland was kinda sleep-walking his way through that role. But Lenny Kravitz was surprisingly likeable enough.

So, action star? Check. Dramatic roles with indie cred? Check. I wonder if she has any comedic chops.
Right I forgot about that moment. Other than that then people have called her bland in that 30 or so minutes but that's how she was supposed to be.

EDIT: Well not bland...but just stunned and in shock but not trying to show just how scared she is and displaying weakness.

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