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11-24-2012, 10:39 PM
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This is part of the reason I'd like to see players get drafted at 20 years old instead of 18. First of all, draft picks would be less of a crap shoot. But I'm sure we would also see more players get at least some education before their pro career begins. Maybe college hockey would become something special, much like college basketball and football in the states. It would be great to see future NHLers playing for Canadian universities for a year or two after they're done with the CHL. There seems to be a lot of players that are just lost once they retire from the league, if they had a good education when they were young I imagine the transition into "real life" would be much smoother. Just imagine retiring with a couple million at age 35, but you've also got your Bcom and actually know what to do with your money.

It just seems like we're rushing a lot of kids into the league. They're expected to be professionals when they're still teenagers, so obviously they're not going to have time to focus on education and other aspects of their life. I'm sure many players are stunted in some ways because they were rushed into their careers at such a young age.

Teams would really have a much better idea of what kind of player they're going to have at the draft too. At 20 years old you usually have a pretty good idea of how good a player will be, 18 is pretty early to tell in my opinion. Although it would make for less interesting debate on who goes where in the draft.

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