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11-24-2012, 10:40 PM
Tanner Glass
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Guys who I took notice of at the game (all Michigan):

Mac Bennett: Montreal 3rd round pick. A small defenseman with great offensive skill. Unfortunately, that's all he seemed to have. Doesn't hit people, and terrible hockey sense. 2 goals were caused by him just standing there, instead of pressuring the attacker.

Kevin Lynch: Older Columbus 2nd round pick. Only a 5C on HF, but he look very impressive. Don't have too much on him, as I put little focus on him. However, I noticed him a lot (positively)

Jacob Trouba: 9th overall pick by the Jets.... Wow! By far the best player on the ice. A few times I thought I was looking at McDonagh in disguise. This guy was the last man back on defense, and the guy skating past defenders attacking the net. He's gonna be a stud.

Michigan goalie: Teribble

Boo: I have mixed feelings. He was on for two goals against (though only one could be somewhat blamed on him) I was surprised by how physical he was, because he looked really fragile. But he played with lots of energy, hitting guys left and right. His actual play was prett bad at first, but improved drastically. In the first period he was afraid of the puck. Didn't want it, and would instantly get rid of it. In the second he was good. Great in the third. With twenty seconds left, he went end to end, and almost scores, so he definetely has drive

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