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11-24-2012, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyGuruPitka View Post
I personally believe that Morgan Rielly would be better off in the NHL. He is in as good of shape as any player in the NHL. Hes above the WHL learning curve, and hes not on a team that is providing him necessary support. I cant see this negatively affecting his development. He has the tools that are needed to be successful in the nhl. Fast skater with strong legs, quick hands and top end decision making/ hockey IQ. Hes a top pairing defenseman for the Canada junior team. Can't see how getting him with players that play at his level of compete could possibly hurt him. Raising the intensity raises the competitiveness in the player. I would hate to see him get complacent on a team that is extremely lackluster offesnively. It really takes the wind out of your sails when you try as hard as you can, however cannot achieve success. I've gone through it playing on a terrible team as one of the better players. Production went down, my overal game plummitted. Was moved to a better team with better players and the game instantly came back to me.

Morgan has almost already gotten through more then a quarter of the whl seasoning. Thats plenty of seasoning for me.
I agree with a majority of your post but one thing stood out to me here.. You said Rielly is in as good of shape as anyone in the NHL.. I think this is a bit of a stretch.. His size isn't up to par with the NHL level to begin with.. He needs to get bigger.. But another thing is that just because he's playing 30 minutes against kids that are 19 and younger.. Doesn't prove that he's ready for the full NHL grind. The guy just came off a very serious knee injury and he needs time to get back. I think he still needs to gain and put on some serious size before we consider the NHL. It's his strength I'm more worried about and the grind of NHL hockey.. It's just not comparable to the WHL because they aren't full grown men who are hitting him or going after him.. These are kids his size and his age.. Big difference there and that's the curve that he's going to have to get over.

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