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12-09-2003, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger
Poor, Poor Rangers! Everyone is conspiring against them making the playoffs!

Ya know what? It gets old fast. And it's really old. Go to any hockey board, for any team--NHL or AHL--and you will find the same complaints about the officiating. Other teams manage to make the playoffs, even though they suffer from the same lack of consistancy and poor calls. It happens and it costs more than the Rangers games.

But let's also be very clear--good teams make their own luck and are capable of overcoming bad calls because they continue to work hard shift in and shift out. They fight through the holding and the clutching and grabbing and they force the officials to call things their way because of their hard work. When the Rangers start doing that on a regular basis, I will be much more tolerate of their moaning and groaning about all the bad calls they get. Until then, it's just another excuse from group that is not willing to play like it matters. They lose because they are not good enough to win.

Take a look at the over/under on how many penalties have been called on us as opposed to for us and I think that you'll be very surprised; we have the widest margin in the NHL of calls against us vs. calls for us. However it's not the only reason why we are losing half the games we play in, but it does contribute somewhat - plus it's very frustrating.