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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
If you believe it's worse for owners, why is the NHL asking for the limit-- in your opinion?
I don't know, that's why I was asking the question. As I illustrated, I believe that by trying to close one loophole, they may have created another that would in the long-run, be actually BENEFICIAL for the players.

Originally Posted by NJDevs26 View Post
Like others have already said, it doesn't always work out that way. In fact, for every guy who would be helped with contract limits in hindsight there would be at least a handful that wouldn't benefit from it in the end.

Plus factor in the owners want to push the FA age back to 28. You sign a 10-year deal at 28 (assuming none of the backdiving that has taken place the last few years), that takes you pretty much to the end of your career making good money each year.

Now, if you have to sign a five-year deal at 28, then you next become a FA at 33. What are the odds you're getting the same contract (or better) at 33 or better than you did at 28? Unless you're a star player that's going to get paid full freight regardless of age. Teams aren't going to want to pay full freight for non-stars' past their prime years. Especially if an injury occurs or a guy's play falls off a cliff.
Well, firstly, you need to look at WHO exactly is signing deals of over 6 years in length and I challenge you to find even ONE that wasn't considered a 'star' player when it happened. Nobody's signing no Cody McLeod to no 10 year contract, I can assure you of that.

I get what you're saying about when the player becomes a UFA at 33 but you ALSO need to take into consideration that it's five years later and the economics can change greatly as they have the past 5 years.

Shane Doan just got a RAISE at age 36.

Based on THAT and a whole lot more MADNESS that we've witnessed the past 5-6 years, can you honestly say that you think a 33 year old, STAR player is going to take a pay cut??? The theory of what you're saying is accurate but generally when it comes to practice, some insane GM goes out and throws logic out the window and overpays greatly for any kind of perceived advantage. Even if that means overpaying for a veteran star player with hopes that he can recapture former glory.

I mean, isn't Tim Connolly a perfect example of this? He actually got a RAISE from the Leafs after his worse NHL season in 4 years with the Sabres. Do you think Burke really wanted to pay him $4.75M per season? I'm pretty sure the answer is no but because of competition, that's what was needed for him to become a Maple Leaf.

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