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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
How far back do the numbers you used for this table go? I see Trottier, but I don't see Lafleur. But Lafleur is on your earlier lists. I also wonder what the numbers are for seasons such as Yzerman's 87-88. He had a total 50-52-102 in only 64 games; HR's complex method puts him at 42-43-85, compared to 54-74-128 for 88-89. Assuming a similar ES/PP/SH distribution between the two seasons, this would suggest Yzerman's numbers *should* come up around 82 points for 64 games using your method, which suggests 102.5 for a full 80 - again second place. But without the actual numbers in hand, I can't make the calculation.
Basically, players who played into the 90s have data on ESPN's site, and those that didn't don't. On that site, it's all or nothing: either there's full data for the player's career or none at all. I estimated data for Dionne, Lafleur, Bossy, etc. based on their ESG/total goal ratios (assuming same ratio held for assists). I thought those estimates would be more accurate over multiple seaons (although calculated separately for each season) than for single seasons, so I included them with asterisks.

Yzerman was much stronger at ES in '89 than in '88 (101/155 points at ES in '89 vs. 61/102 in '88).

More historical ES point data is available, but AFAIK it's not on a site readily accessible to the public. I think it's in a Yahoo user group and I'm not aware of any other sources.

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