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11-25-2012, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
I would guess that guys that are long shots (Strome for example) would be left to play in the WJC, while a guy like Huberdeau might miss out. There is no way to be certain though, teams will probably have different perspectives.
each team in the NHL has a list of 2 players playing junior that if the lockout ended they would have to attend their 2 week training camp
strome, huberdeau, hamilton, reilly, schieffly im pretty sure are all on the list.. however that means guys like yakupov grigorenko are too i think. Now im not sure if some teams will be realistic and say you are not going to make this team go experience the world juniors.. but schieffley who almost made the Jets last year will probably be expected to be at camp.. huberdeau and strome might be allowed but given that their drafted by florida and the islanders i would think they would want those players there. hamilton is drafted by boston though and they have GOOD defense so he might be allowed.. i dont know its tough to say but i know teams have players they requested 2 players i believe and those guys are on it so we could lose the core of our team but it will affect all the top teams russia sweden usa etc..

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