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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
You left an important date. When did the NHL CBA expire?
Originally Posted by TSN - NHL Timeline
Sept. 15 - With no further meetings planned at the time and no significant progress, the CBA expires and the NHL locks out its players.
And NHL training camps generally start mid/late Sept. In 2011 St Louis's camp (first link I found on when training camp starts) started on Sept 16th.

So again, I'm curious as to what your point is. The NBA's CBA expired in July, and the league locked out the players when the CBA expired - even though their season didn't start until Sept. The NFL's CBA was extended 8 days, however at the end of that 8th day (March 11th), the NFL locked out the players, even though their season didn't start until July.

Yet you're implying that the NHL somehow acted differently or rather more harshly when you say they're a "lockout first league". Even though of the 3 leagues theirs was the only one that was about to get under way without a CBA in place if the league didn't lock the players out.

So again... what's your point?

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