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11-25-2012, 02:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
I understood your intent perfectly. You're attempting to dismiss the man's actual comments by suggesting that 'of course' he wouldn't say something else.

Whether or not that is something he actually believes or would want to say becomes irrelevant, which takes the discussion away from fact to baseless speculation. It's not about what you want to say he thinks or believes.

Is it remotely possible, in your view, that he actually believes it is a democratic process among the players, and that they aren't supposed to be censored?
When there is only one way to answer the question the journalist asked him, no matter what he believes, the answer to the journalists question isn't all that interesting.

It is possible that Fehr feels that way. It's possible he doesn't. Common sense tells us he'd probably prefer players to keep a unified front in the media.

In the end it probably doesn't mean anything. It allows for pundits to speculate about the players cracking but it won't make the players actually crack.

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