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11-25-2012, 02:59 AM
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Originally Posted by ErikP803 View Post
Not too familiar with CHL trading rules, but Morgan can only be traded within the whl right? And to those saying that being on a crappy team could slow his development, couldnt it work the other way around too? He seems like a very determined young man, maybe being forced to carry the load offensively and defensively could help him improve his defensive game more than he would simply being the go-to guy on offense alone. However I would love to see him in the Memorial Cup...
yes, only in the whl. i think there's an exception if the team waived him and no other team picked him up - but (1) i might not be right on that one; and (2) if i am, there's no chance it would happen.

but in any event, the MJ can't just trade him to the London Knights or the Halifax Mooseheads.

Originally Posted by DirtyDion03 View Post
I agree with a majority of your post but one thing stood out to me here.. You said Rielly is in as good of shape as anyone in the NHL.. I think this is a bit of a stretch.. His size isn't up to par with the NHL level to begin with.. He needs to get bigger.. But another thing is that just because he's playing 30 minutes against kids that are 19 and younger.. Doesn't prove that he's ready for the full NHL grind. The guy just came off a very serious knee injury and he needs time to get back. I think he still needs to gain and put on some serious size before we consider the NHL. It's his strength I'm more worried about and the grind of NHL hockey.. It's just not comparable to the WHL because they aren't full grown men who are hitting him or going after him.. These are kids his size and his age.. Big difference there and that's the curve that he's going to have to get over.
whether that's accurate or not (i know you didn't say it) there's a big difference b/w fitness and strength. he needs to bulk up...and you're right about the knee injury, too. let him finish recovering for it.

as i noted in my post above, my opinion would be different if this was september...but i figure the earliest we'll see nhl is jan. and i think just let him play out the yr in jr. i don't think it will be damaging for an extra few months.

then let him workout all summer, gain more strength, and come into camp (potentially...hopefully?) ready to go.

Originally Posted by SuperJayMann View Post
Keep him in junior this year. Invite him to camp next season then send him back to junior, when junior season ends bring him up to the AHL for the rest of the season. Then play him in the AHL until he earns a roster spot, or wins one in camp.
this is pretty much my opinion. the one concern is that if comes into camp in sept. and isn't quite ready for the nhl (i think he will be ... but if he's not there's no shame b/c he'll only be 19). the problem is the leafs can't send him to the ahl next season, i don't it will either be NHL or back to the WHL.

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