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Originally Posted by jkrx View Post
Sundin also played in a higher scoring era internationally while Alfie came along when it was defensive.
Sundin played in the 1991 Canada Cup. Other than that, up until 2006 they both played on the same top level Swedish teams. I don't think anyone, especially people in Sweden, thought anyone else but Sundin was the straw that stirred the drink on those Swedish teams.

Originally Posted by trentmccleary View Post
Is a 70 point player in 82 games better than a 68 point player in 68 games?
How come Dave Andreychuk isn't in the HoF despite being what? ... 6th in games played.
Not sure why Dave Andreychuk gets brought up again, but Sundin was a model of consistency even in a lower scoring era. He was a point a game guy in the dead puck era every year on average, never dropping below 72 for almost two decades. That has to count a bit more than someone who didn't break out into the NHL until 24.

Sundin was stayed healthier and played longer; Alfredsson had a higher peak.

Alfredsson outproduced Sundin (PPG) in 8 of the last 9 seasons that they played in the NHL together, including 4/5 pre-lockout seasons.
To make it a little broader let's look at their best seasons in the top 20 of points:

Sundin - 4, 7, 11, 12, 13, 15, 19, 20
Alfredsson - 5, 8, 9, 15, 18, 19

You have got to see a noticeable edge for Mats here. This is where his consistency and longevity outstrip Alfie. It is hard to make a case for Sundin being the worse player

Alfredsson = 4-1-2-3

Ottawa's 1st line:
Yashin = 4-0-0-0
McEachern = 4-2-0-2
Dackell = 4-0-1-1

Alfredsson = 6-1-3-4

Ottawa's 1B line:
Hossa = 6-0-0-0
Bonk = 6-0-0-0
Arvedsson = 6-0-0-0
Hmmm. See, showing that he did more than Yashin isn't necessarily something to brag about.

He had plenty of excellent postseasons, you just seem to be pointin to the only one that was Conn Smythe worthy and grouping all the rest together as "crap".
He had one great postseason, 2007. There are many "crap" ones after that and other "mediocre ones". Where are these "plenty of excellent seasons?"

Alfredsson played in the WHC's twice between the ages of 26-38yo.
Yeah, that matters little. Maybe less than little. Use top level tournaments only.

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