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11-25-2012, 04:09 AM
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Originally Posted by wings5 View Post
I brought up soccer because many of the top teams in the EPL have many foreigners and they make up a large majority of the academys as well in England. La Liga and Bundesliga still have many players of their respective native countrys developing throught the systems and the leagues of their home country.
The problem for English football development isn't the amount of foreign imports, it's the way we develop talents in the first place.

Originally Posted by wings5 View Post
By our I meant Canadian hockey, the NHL is a professional league its different obviously there would be many international players. The CHL however is a developmental league whos main task is of course to develop young players. Many Europeans complain time and time again how the influx of players from Europe to the CHL is negatively affecting the development of their players. Imo two import players is enough but more than that is pushing it is all I'm saying.
I would prefer a one import limit, purely because statistics show that it does have a negative impact on the development of European talent. Staying at home for longer is usually advisable.

Of course it is an archaic rule to an extent, and in theory nationality and patriotism is nonsense. However in this instance when it affects talent development so much, i think removing the limitations would only do more damage (Not for Canada).

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