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11-25-2012, 05:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Just so I'm getting this straight...the argument here is that Lidstrom entered the league as a top 8 D-man and when he did move up the ladder as it were, was '98 and that his competion was so vast from '98-'01 that he should be ranked above Bourque?
I didn't really get that either. I re-read it. Personally it seems like another poster is going to great lengths to pretend Lidstrom is ahead of Bourque. I've said it before, other than amount of Cups and a slightly better playoff portfolio there is nothing in an aspect of the game that Lidstrom did better than Bourque. I don't really get the thing from 1998-'01. Bourque was old by then and comparing that to Lidstrom in the last 4 years isn't exactly the best argument that Lidstrom had it tougher. I mean, an old Bourque had MacInnis, Blake, Lidstrom himself, Pronger in that era and still finished his career with a 1st team all-star. But more importantly Bourque blows Lidstrom out of the water when you are evalutating their first 10 years of their careers. That's where the seperation becomes so far that even the Norrises when Lidstrom was in his 30s don't make up for it.

See, Bourque entered the league as a First team all-star as a rookie and he hardly looked back. If you asked who was the best defenseman in the 1980s overall the answer is Bourque. If you asked that for the 1990s, the answer is still Bourque as a whole. In a way Bourque has a Gretzky-like type of longevity since Gretzky also led the entire 1990s in scoring. Give Lidstrom the 2000s, but it ends there. He wasn't better than Bourque in the 1990s when their careers overlapped. Lidstrom in his prime in 2001 vs. an old Bourque after 22 NHL seasons and about to retire still had Bourque finishing 2nd in Norris voting.

Sorry, nothing agains Nik, but when you are talking about players of this magnitude you are comparing him to he's going to get knocked down a peg.

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