Thread: Prospect Info: Morgan Rielly discussion thread.
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11-25-2012, 07:52 AM
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Tempting to see how he fits on an NHL blue line. Let him get a taste of training camp next year but I don't think you should rush a guy who hasn't played a full season in a few years. Let's see how he fairs this season even. He may need another junior year or if he has nothing left to prove there, a season in the AHL will help him prepare better for the NHL.

Even if he plays "lights out" at training camp it is no guarantee he won't be exposed as the long season progresses. I recall the reasoning for having Schenn stay was based on his defensive style of game, which reduced the risk of exposing his weaknesses. Rielly is an offensive D first, with good defense, but it not his forte. He will undoubtedly be cought up ice regardless of how fast he is, Gardiner suffered some defensive lapses as well and needed to be shut down mid season to reset/recharge. Not sure if the leafs/Rielly can afford to do that next time we have hockey.

Let him use the development league as it is supposed to be used. He will be better for it.

As for him taking a spot from another player, they have over 50 players to camp...plenty of room.

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