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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Lots of good picks here and some I thought of myself and agree with. Football is a tough one so we'll start with the other sports.

I agree with Kareem on this one. Very high peak, played for a long time and won a lot of championships. Also Kareem is never off of anyone's top 5 list of NBA players and neither is Howe.

Ted Williams is another interesting one. Would have had higher numbers without the two Wars. The only knock on Ted is that he never won a championship while Howe did. And while Williams was the best at what he did (hitter, HR hitter) during his time he doesn't match that in defensive player or baserunning.

Cobb might just be the best example. Played a long, long time similar to Howe. Never won a championship though which hurts but was good at every facet of the game. He was just hated by everyone, unlike Howe.

Hank Aaron isn't a bad choice, but if I would pick another one in Baseball it is Willie Mays. Mays, like Aaron played forever, but I think he was better all around and could beat you in so many ways, like Howe. Mays won a World Series once so at least he could win.

Hmmm. The NFL. Barry Sanders hung them up too early at 31 to be compared to Howe. Same with Jim Brown. If any running back compares better to Howe it is Walter Payton. I don't know, Jerry Rice perhaps? Played an insane amount of football in his career up until 40. Won championships like Howe, was a big part of doing it. Could catch the ball, could run well after the catch and had great anticipation. Also, while more people would probably put Montana as the best NFLer the truth is a few would still put Rice in there which falls in line with the Gretzky/Howe train of thought.
Sporting News named Rice #2 on their list of 100 Greatest Football Players, behind only Jim Brown.

The NFL network did their top 100 players of all time list, and Rice was #1. Granted, many of their lists are out to lunch, but I think Rice was a good pick in this case. He was more dominant at his position than probably anyone else was at theirs, which is about the only way to judge players in football considering how different and specialized the game is. When you're doing a list of top running backs or quarterbacks of all time, there's always 5 or 6 players on the list, each with strong arguments to be made. When you're doing top receivers, Rice may as well be the only name on the list.

He has 1549 receptions (2nd place is over 400 back)
22,895 receiving yards (2nd place is TO, 6961 back)
197 receiving TDs (over 40 ahead of 2nd place)
208 total TDs (33 ahead of Emmitt Smith, a RB, who is 2nd)
His 1256 career points scored make him the highest scoring non-kicker in NFL history and place him 2nd of all time IIRC.

His 303 games played make him 1st among receivers by a huge margin.

Rice was also a good blocker, had incredible work ethic, and incredible competitiveness on the field.

I think Rice is a very good comparison to Howe.

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