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Originally Posted by KapG View Post
Someone wanted to try and say the khl will be able to spend the kind of money they do because european soccer clubs can do it.

Well, these soccer clubs who do apend these big bucks likely have a lot more revenue coming in then the KHL teams do. I broight up attendance because KHL attendance levels seem to be more along AHL levels.

Not sure how they can keep spending the way the top euro clubs do who draw 50k + to their stadiums.
No doubt KHL teams have no where near the revenue of big European soccer clubs but for as much as some KHL teams might spend they are also no where near the spending of these soccer clubs. There wouldn't be any KHL clubs spending 100+ million per year in transfer fees raiding the Czech, Slovak, Finnish, Swedish, etc leagues for talent or having an annual payroll approaching or even well over $100 million a year.

Is having expenses of $200 million/year when you are generating 'only' $150 million/year in revenue much different than expenses of $40 million/year when generating $10 million/year? Actually there probably are differences but at the end of the day both clubs have a shortfall of tens of millions of dollars that someone eventually needs to cover.

The KHL could be a giant smouldering hole in the ground a decade from now, but if it is I doubt it would be the only league.

What was this thread about again.

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