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11-25-2012, 10:11 AM
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Ok so I've been curious about replacing the NHLPA with PHPA ?

I found unions can be replaced in Canada.
The fact is that union members have the right to boot out one union and bring in another. That right exists in the laws governing labour relations from one end of our country to the other. Union members can and do change unions. The problem is that the leaders of the mainstream labour movement and its unions don't like it when this happens and so they try to discourage it by agreeing to "no raiding" rules among themselves and by making members feel guilty - like they're letting the "team" down - about contemplating such a thing.

Considering that in our free and democratic society restrictions on liberties are supposed to be kept to a minimum, individuals are free to get out of all kinds of oppressive circumstances (you can get out of a bad marriage, you can leave an unhealthy home environment, you can get out of debt, heck, you can even get out of jail); it seems quite incomprehensible that you can't or shouldn't say "so long" to a bargaining agent that you no longer have any confidence in and replace it with a union of your choice.

And the U.S.?
If you want to switch unions, it is considered a decertification of your union and at the same time a certification of the new union. The process is the same as how you win a union. Every law which talks about how different groups of workers build a union has the same process for workers to get rid of their union and certify another one.

So if they decertify the NHLPA? A group of players could try bringing in another union.

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