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Thee two posts. . .

Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
The Nolan Ryan comparison is only valid in terms of longevity. As far as being an all-time great in their sport, Howe is well ahead. Ryan is closer to Ron Francis than he is to Howe.

Ty Cobb was the first player that came to mind for me. Fitting that both played for Detroit.
Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
Ryan's peak greatness is debatable. He wasn't a Cy Young award level generally, but then he did throw more no-hitters than anyone.

Where he definitely falls short is the "all-around" department. He wasn't even an above average fielder or hitter. He could throw that speedball by ya, make you look like a fool and that's it. It would be like calling Manute Bol a great all-around player.
. . . Firmly eliminate Nolan Ryan from contention, in my opinion (and pending any rebuttal).

What made Howe Howe isn't just the longevity; its his dominant, all-around play through that long career that seperates him from the pack.

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