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11-25-2012, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by 4evaBlue View Post
The Kessel line is just fine offensively, and I seriously doubt Grabo of all players would be what's needed to "fix" the line defensively. If people want to change the Kessel line, to presumably produce better, shouldn't the burden of proof be on them? We all know how the Lupul-Bozak-Kessel line has done offensively since they've been together.
My contention was with you saying "They aren't any better than the numbers with Bozak" as if it were fact, yet providing no evidence to support that. The burden of proof should be on those who spout imaginary statistics as if they're fact.

What's this magical possession stat you speak of? The Grabo line has produced at a 2nd line pace against better offensive (worse defensive) forwards they've been facing for the past two seasons. Assuming that their production would increase when they're matched up against worse offensive, but better defensive forwards is a stretch, to say the least.

Here comes the predictable watching the games vs score sheet argument, from people who are using fundamentally flawed "advanced metrics" to prove a point. Please.
I was stopping you before you made the argument. In your opinion, is Grabo to fault for Kulemin's down season? Or did you not notice that Kulemin was the recipient of many stellar scoring chances that he couldn't bury? Simple questions.

And where was he for the start of the season? Oh, nevermind, that's pretty typical of Grabo, too.
So you're just going to look at WHEN he got his point totals as opposed to how his offense stacks up against other 2nd liners over a full season? This is the ultimate cherry-pick. Almost every player goes through ups and downs through the course of a season.

Had you actually read the posts, you'd realize that it's not just about the end of season collapse. But hey, if you want to use the January stretch to convince yourself that Grabo is an elite player, and he should be a no-brainer choice for #1C going forward, go right ahead.
Had you actually read my post, you would have noticed I never used the word elite to describe Grabo. I never even said he was a #1 calibre center. He may be OUR best choice, considering our depth chart up the middle. I don't think anyone's confusing Bozak as a #1C in this league, so why does putting Grabo up there all of a sudden deem him a #1C? It's just where he slots into our line-up. Grabo is a #2C compared to his peers and has produced like one for two years now.

People who put words in other peoples' mouths do so to twist the argument in their favour when there's nothing left to factually argue.

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