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Originally Posted by Pitlick View Post
Hi guys,

After hearing Brust (former Senator farmhand) broke the shutout record, I checked out the Abbotsford team at AHL stats, and have some questions about the team. I'm amazed that 2 non-prospect AHL vet goalies (Brust and Taylor) have such incredible stats. I would assume that the team is historically great defensively (for the AHL).

Under Troy Ward the team has preached defense first.

Is this more a result of an incredible defense corps (like Scranton Penguins), or more overall team defense and system?

It is more of a result in team defense as Troy Ward (head coach) is a great coach at getting everyone to buy in and he loves back checking forwards. That said Taylor has simply been on fire since joining the Heat and deserves a lot of the credit as well.

I know of Brodie; I assume he having is a great year? Is he a complete 2-way defenseman, or does he lean more to great defense? Highly mobile or average? The other D I'm unfamiliar with. Which D are prospects that are having great years?

Brodie is really more of a 2-way D he loves to play offensively but won't hurt you playing defense either.

Our other 2 prospects on the team on defense are Breen and Lamb
Breen was never drafted but since being signed as been nothing if not physical he isn't afraid to use his body around the net and is probably our most consistent defensive defenseman.Lamb is making his transition from the NCAA to the AHL he struggled the first few games in my opinion but since they he has become a consistent defenseman that makes few mistakes if any.

Sorry for so many questions, I like to keep tabs on Calgary and Winnipeg (my favourite western teams). It's nice the see the Flames finally have some excellent prospects.
Answers in bold.

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