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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
But it's still being done.
Personally, I think Lindros, before he ran into his concussion issues, was the better and more dominant player than Crosby has been so far.

In fact...
After 7 seasons:
Lindros 431GP 263G 600P
Crosby 434GP 223G 609P

Even if you try to use Adjusted stats, the difference is maybe 30 points total and once you factor in Lindros' superior defensive play and supreme physical dominance/intimidation, I think Lindros is pretty clearly the better overall player.

Trots is a lot closer to matching Lindros physically than Crosby, and Trots is already the better defensive player than either of them.
Now that's an interesting debate. I consider a healthy, on-his-game Lindros one of the most dominant player ever (right there with Orr and Gretzky). Unfortunately, we didn't get to see that player as much as we should have, and it wasn't just the injuries. And, as was mentioned, Crosby's superior playoff record is another element to be considered.

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