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Originally Posted by Jeff from Maine View Post
For Gods more Daniel Nava.

It gets so old watching him hit .480 for the first 7 weeks he is up....then end up at .250.

He has no future with this franchise. He is what, 30 now? Great story... Grand slam on first MLB pitch he saw. Started out hot in a couple seasons. Awesome.

Better options, IMHO would be Kalish, Brentz, Hazelbaker and Linares, if he is still around.

Nava gets on base at a ridiculous clip and fares much better against righties than lefties. He OPS'd right around .800 off of righties this year and hit .185 against lefties. You replace that .185 with Jonny Gomes against lefties and the production will be very good (and cheap) coming out of left field. Hazelbaker would not be a better option. There is a reason why he wasn't protected from the Rule 5 draft and Hassan was. Plus he is already 25-26 and strikes out at a Bellhornian rate (note: he is one of my favorite prospects due to his intriguing speed/power combo, but he is maddeningly inconsistent at the minor league level)

Linares himself is 28, so he is pretty much in the same class as Nava, except he hasn't done **** at the major league level. Brentz needs way more seasoning. He is absolutely not a better option for this year, and if you think so you are taking crazy pills. Nava got on base at a better rate in the majors than Brentz did in AA/AAA combined this past year. That isn't to say Brentz won't be a good player, he simply isn't even close to ready yet and needs to work on his approach.

Kalish has not done anything in the majors yet except get hurt. I love the way he plays, but to rely on him would be stupid because he has not strung a full season together since 2009.

Nava is our best internal option in LF, simply for the fact he plays not retarded defense and gets on base at an above average rate. I agree that he doesn't necessarily have a future with the club, but he should definitely be on the team and platooning in left unless we sign somebody else.

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