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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
Your hate-on for Marc Methot, without him even having played a single game for the Sens, is well documented... but Mike Weaver?

You know the saying "one step forwards, two back"? That trade is like 1 step backwards, 4 more back.

Also: I'm absolutely on board with making a play for Perry, if he were to become a UFA. I doubt we'd be his first destination, but stranger things have happened... and I'm a big fan of "stranger things" in that scenario. I'm down.
I don't hate Methot at all.

Weaver is a top 4 D imo. 5'9 defensive D who is better than Methot. He's my hero.

Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
I thought it was both smart (for a hockey board), and funny, but I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.
why thank you sir

Originally Posted by steffeG View Post
Mike Weaver's been 50% of two absolutely terrific pairings over the past few years down in Florida. But that's neither here nor there.

Absolutely love that team, by the way.

Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
I'm not saying that Mike Weaver is a bad defenceman, but I am saying:

- Methot is better (though I am fully expecting MAK to disagree with me, considering his Methot-related post history)

- Weaver is going to be 34 at the end of this season (which means the season in which you're planning on acquiring him, the 2013-14 season, he will be 35). Methot will be 27. You're giving up a player entering what should be his prime for a player who is approaching the "potentially rapidly diminishing skills". You're giving up 7 full years of "in his prime" hockey, and downgrading at the same time. It's just bad asset management any way you look at it.

- You are giving up the physicality that Methot brings, and while Weaver isn't a creampuff, he's not exactly a physical
force out there. I know MAK also won't agree with me on this one as well, mostly because physical hockey doesn't matter in his eyes (amongst other things like leadership, experience, hockey sense, anything that isn't statistically measurable). That's his view (as I understand it, at least). He's entitled to that opinion. I'm entitled to mine. They are two contrasting opinions. Life goes on.
and that's why the trade is Weaver + 3rd for Methot. Propose it on the main boards though and you'll get a bunch of hells no from FLA fans though, so it's a pipe dream.

Weaver truly is awesome. Terrific defensive player.

Originally Posted by steffeG View Post
Is there any indication that three of the same handedness won't work, given that the players are comfortable on their "off" wing? There are tons of examples of lines with three of the same working well.
RPG in Anaheim, the Sedin sisters and Ron Weasley's house, etc. It can work. But maybe if Ron's house was right handed, the line would work better, we don't know.

Handedness is more important on the PP, but still I like to see variety 5-on-5 if we can.

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