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11-25-2012, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Zathronas View Post
I don't hate the Flames, I'm just perplexed by some of their choices. You have to admit their track record isn't the best in the NHL. That being said they did alright in recent years.

I'm not saying Jankowski is a bust, I do think he has great potential. It's just that I think Calgary should go for more polished prospect as they will sorely need help sooner rather then later.

and your right 4 round isn't bad I thought he was drafted sooner.
Sutter saw a problem with our drafting and slowly began turning it around the current scheme really started around 2007/2008 (but Sutter was still trading our picks away).

Unfortunately it's hard to show the track record of a staff that's only had 5 or 6 drafts. We haven't had any top 10 picks that could immediately jump into the nhl so instead we're picking guys who long term could fill that top 10. ie. Backlund, Erixon, Sven, and Janko. (Nemisz was seen as a bit of a replacement pick after his late teammate RIP Mickey )

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