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Originally Posted by IComeInPeace View Post
By the time he was traded away, he had played in almost 925 NHL games in his NHL career...
Surely there is an expected decline by that point in virtually every top end players game.

But, of course his numbers would drop if you remove the best player in the game from your team. That's just common sense.

Also, I'm not looking up the numbers, but I'm quite positive those Bruins teams he left scored a lot more than the NYR teams he went to play with.

But, Espo was a premier player either way. He helped Orr, just as Orr helped him (admittedly he would benefit more from Orr than vice versa).

The numbers he put up with the Rags are actually pretty impressive considering how much hockey he had already played by that point in his career (not even counting his international play representing Canada).
That's more or less the things I've been saying too. How many HHOFers (and I mean the cream of the crop) put up those types of numbers from their mid 30s onward. We know Messier died starting in his mid 30s. Clarke retired at 35. Bossy at 30. Trottier had a sudden drop in his production at about 31. Mikita? After 30 he started dropping more or less. Yzerman? Never the the same scorer after 1996 or so and translated his game after that.

There are a couple exceptions to the rule, Sakic had 100 points as a 37 year old and Gretzky stayed great until his second to last season. Jagr as well was good but even before he left the NHL in 2008 he was dropping. The fact that Esposito on a non-playoff team still racked up 80 points a year until he retired and then carried them to the final in 1979 is still pretty amazing for a guy his age and the wear and tear his body went through

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