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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... really none of the guys weve' mentioned though are comparative to a hockey player, to Howe specifically. Though in several instances they competed in sports that could be physically taxing, they all lacked the total & deliberate physicality of life in the WHA/NHL.
Kinda. Though Cobb era baseball was nasty and dirty and taxing. At least if Cobb himself was sliding into 2nd base. Basketball can be physical... but it is not 40's-70's NHL!

For comparisons... Only the greats the best 5 or so of other sports should be compared to Howe.... So no Nolan Ryan or Pete Rose. Cobb is interesting. It is kind of the same era of the two sports too. Hockey was only a 6 team league... fighting to grow and get more exposure. Cobb was kind of in the same era of baseball though 40 years earlier. Ruth would finally really cement Baseball as a huge sport a little after Cobb. Expansion, Orr, Hull and Howe himself started hockey having that same American interest that was finallly cemented when Gretzky was traded to LA.

Hockey-Other North American Sports comparisions.

Morenz-Ruth Both loved and same era
Howe-Abdul Jabbar or Chamberlain. The best of the best in the era for long time
Harvey-Russell Defence more than offence. But the integral part of two long dynasties
R. Richard- Ruth. The icons and larger than life characters. In French Quebec Richard is bigger than Jesus.... and also had all the all-time records. I have a hockey card from 54-55... it says on it that Richard has the record for most goals and it likely won't every be broken! That of course happened... but like Ruth in New York.. he was bigger than life. For maybe 25-30% of the hockey playing world he was the biggest star of all time that will ever be. He was an icon of the quiet revolution. He is the most political important hockey player of all time.
Bobby Hull-Jim Brown- Mantle. All ***** in their personal lives. All physically superior athletes that utterly dominated their sports for a decade or so of prime.
Beliveau- Aaron or Mays or Musial. Class - Among or the best in the world for almost 2 decades.
Orr-Dimaggio/Williams - Short but utterly dominant careers. Legends. With longer careers they might have been #1.
Gretzky-Jordan-Ruth - All billion dollar assets to their sports. Made money and grew the sport and both #1 all-time.
Erving-Lafleur - The flash of the 70's. Elite excitement

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