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11-25-2012, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Matthew View Post
When did you decide to stop trying to make good posts and just become a full time troll again?
I fail to see what is untrue. It's awfully tough to "live off reputation" when that reputation is still being built and actively maintained. This isn't USC's preseason rankings, which are based off the last 10 years...this is what's plainly obvious.

Originally Posted by Matthew View Post
That's the thing. the SEC has got to the point where they schedule this way (easiest OOC schedules in the sport, never have to leave their state or region, scheduling their cupcakes late in the season) and they've cracked the computer code.

The computers think they are so good that 2 loss SEC teams will probably make the soon to arrive playoff over other teams.
Computers don't think; they can take only what's fed into them. And since this isn't one or two computer polls, but all of them, who have the SEC at the top of the heap and have four SEC teams in the top-10, I'd have to say there's something to that.

Second, there is no need to leave SEC country to play out-of-conference games. Within Big 1G country sits...what, three other D-1 schools? Actually, four. Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Pitt, and Iowa State.

Now, perhaps those three schools compare to Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor, Miami, Florida, Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Louisville. And if we expand the region just ever so slightly, we can add North Carolina, NC State, Duke, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State. But yes, that entire pile of teams couldn't stack up to the four that populate Big 1G country.

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